The first of the tips for camping with kids is forget glamping! Those cushions, lights and decorations may look pretty, but it’s more to carry, more to clean and more to try to protect from the little whirlwinds of destruction that you’re letting loose in your tent.

Think simple.

Take as little as possible.

…and for the love of all that is holy, do not forget the snacks!

Here are some essential tips for camping with kids:


Choose a tent that is super easy to put up. Like a beautiful Bellisima lightweight bell tent!

Waaay before you plan to go, get yourself a really good camping checklist. Check it twice, then check it thrice!

We will have some good starter ones here, very soon!

Don’t forget to put your tent on top of everything else when you’re playing packing Tetris – you’re going to need that first and you really don’t want to be searching for it in the rain!


Have a plan to distract your kids while you set up!

Perhaps a bag of their favorite snacks. Or a new outdoor toy. Or even go full zombie and give them an iPad with YouTube in the car!

If child labor is more your thing, you could also get the kids to help!

I find giving them their own job is the best way – “can I give you your own job? Could you get all the things out of the boot and put them in a pile there?”


Once your tent is up you want to keep your space as simple and organized as possible, that way you stay sane whilst you’re camping and it’s easy to pack down at the end!

I hate inflatable products, like blow up beds. They are difficult to set up and manage and they don’t last well. Self inflating mats are excellent and easy to use with kids (although be sure to open the air valve through the day so all those little marching / bouncing feet don’t pop it!)

I also suggest having baskets to store food and stuff the kids need, a decent camping light for at night and lots of red wine (it doesn’t need to be chilled!)


The first night it’s always good to have a really easy food plan. You will have packed, driven, unpacked and set up your camp – so the last thing you want to do is get a BBQ on the go or be chopping vegetables!

Some people take a frozen one pot meal that can defrost in the car on the way and then be heated for the whole family in one big pan. We like a good vegetarian sausage stew! The Heinz creations type pouches are excellent, they make easy meals and can be served with the packets of pre cooked rice or fresh bread and butter. See some of our other favorite camping-food ideas here:

We like to camp with other families when possible; the kids play for hours without much intervention, so you can relax.

When we are camping just as a family, we usually find nearby things to do or places to explore and then we plan something each day. Kids quickly get bored otherwise!

This website is always a good quick go to for finding some things to do:

Also, have a good snack supply as camping seems to give kids an insatiable hunger and no one wants to deal with a hangry little monster in the middle of a muddy field!


You don’t want to shorten your camping trip by packing down early, but if you have a lot of stuff all over, it’s good to have a little tidy the day before. Bin rubbish. Pack away what you won’t miss. Clean any surfaces that need it.

When you get up on the last day, pack everything else and put it at the front of your tent. Then get the kids distracted again, while you deflate your beds, pack your car and put down your tent!

So thats our tips for camping with kids, but the most important one we would say is to get a bell tent!! Shop now!