Canvas vs polyester tent – which should you choose?

In the beginning – Before Bellisima was the spark of an idea; we were just families who loved to camp!

We spent a lot of time outdoors and a lot of money trying to find the perfect tent… we tried with tents of every design and material that we could find, yet, each one had some flaw, something that wasn’t quite right for what we needed.

So, we decided to make our own, and Bellisima Camping was born.

The first step in tent design!

Each component of our tents has been carefully thought through, starting with the materials used.

We had two real contenders, Canvas or Polyester.



  • Regulates temperature well.
  • Thick and very long lasting
  • Breathable fabric.


  • Very heavy
  • Takes ages to dry
  • Grows black mould easily.
  • Hard to manage when wet because its even heavier then!
  • Seeps water in when you touch the sides



  • Light weight and easy to manage
  • Super easy to put up and down.
  • Durable and weather resistant


  • Doesn’t regulate the temperature like canvas
  • Creates condensation
  • Seeps water in when you touch the sides

In the end – It was a no brainer, we settled on Polyester for our Bellisima tents, using our design to really seal the deal… Our tents are well ventilated, which regulates the temperature and stops condensation forming inside the tent, removing some of the few downfalls of using polyester.

So, there we have it, the goldilocks of tents!!

Which will you choose out of a canvas vs polyester tent?

Polyester Patterned Bell Tent - Bellisima design, pinks, blues and purples with leaves.
Polyester Bell Tent –