Bell tents are our passion! Making them into glamping tents makes us really happy. Camping doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Whether you’re a hardened camper or a first timer, we’re here to take you through the glamping process.

I’m going to teach you the simplest way to glam that tent right up!

We all have different styles when it comes to soft furnishings and colour schemes. There are so many to choose from, glam to boho, Kondo to chaotic, it’s so easy to create a style that’s reflective of your vibe.



We all know tent floors are ugly. They serve their purpose very well but I personally don’t want to look at it!

Firstly, you need a half moon matt. They look good and great for bed space.

Then in with the rugs!

Layer rugs in the other half; fluffy ones, ones to match your vibe, fake animal hides, also bath mats! The rubber back means they don’t slip! You can never have too many. Some of the smaller ones that are washable near the door can help your tent stay spick and span too!


Just plonk them here and there, they always look good.

Fake foliage garlands are perfect for funking up centre poles, perimeters of the inside of your tent or the guy wires.

You can also never have too many plants when you want to do glamping!


Glamping tents have king poles places perfectly to hang a tent chandelier! I personally love these for glamping. But not the tealight ones, these are a nuisance. Macrame ones look amazing. Don’t forget to pop one on your centre pole whilst putting up your tent!


Spirit Bell Tent
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Bellisima Bell Tent

Inside and out, there’s always some bunting to match your style! Bunting gives your tent a lovely festival feel.

Glamping tents have accessory loops all around, inside and out. Although they aren’t specifically designed to feed bunting through, this works perfectly.



Purely for aesthetics because we all know a few blankets aren’t enough to keep you properly warm! Glamping requires lots of lovely blankets. See Vicki’s blog for practical advice to stay warm whilst camping:

Back to blankets… choose your vibe, match your blankets! I love fleece ones. They come in myriad of colours and patterns look gorgeous. They nearly always seem to come in sizes to fit the beds perfectly or two for a double! And if they don’t fit the bed to wrap them neatly, arrange them across the corner in a drapey fashion.



Scatter them everywhere.  I nearly always have two different styles on each bed.

Double upon double! Think boutique hotel… plumped and nicely arranged.

I use floor cushions and pouffes for a comfy chillout space too.


Solar lights, battery powered lights, if you’re lucky enough to have electric hook up then electric ones too!

I like to stick a few solar lights outside at the entrance (ya know, help you out when you need a nature wee!) There are so many gorgeous solar powered lights available now.

A good few battery powered fancy lanterns really shwaz up the inside of your tent.

You can also get dangly battery powered glass effect lights too, you can hang these on a hook attachment to your centre pole.

Scatter them, dangle them, arrange them, poke them through the loops in your tent! Little lights everywhere look lovely.

Check out Bellisima Campings lighting range:


If you want extra glam… I always go a bit over the top I can’t help it!

A dream catcher always looks beautiful. Actually a gathering of dreamcatchers! I like a big one at the door and little ones inside.


Totally impractical… here we go!

I usually find 2 or 3 statement pieces to cluster with a big floor lantern and a good bushy plant for in between the beds. Big stars look amazing, you can pick up wooden ones with little lights which look amazing. Glamping heaven!


Where you can, pack into baskets. They look much prettier than suitcases! A basket of food you say? Or a basket of wine? Perhaps you could pick up some old styley suitcases for a vintage look?

My favourite places to buy:

  • B&M
  • The Range
  • Ikea

And with that you tent will be scherwazzed to the hilt!

Happy glamping!

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