Are you looking for easy to put up tents? Look no further!! Bell tents are by far the easiest tent to put up and take down. Bellisima Camping tents are lightweight too making your camping trip something to enjoy not to dread! Once pitched, they have a lovely spacious feel inside.


How to put up a bell tent – putting up a tent is often a cause of great stress; it can feel like one of those puzzles that sit on a shelf in pieces, impossible to actually complete.

Of course, some people make it look easy (we all know one!); but for most of us, pitching a tent usually ends with feeling stressed, pitching a fit, and wishing for wine.

Bell tents are a whole different story, they’re like the fairytale of camping…

Vicki pitching a bell tent!


Pop on your favorite playlist and chuck the little darlings a screen, snacks or something to play with! Locate the wine for later.

Empty your equipment out of its bag; separate the poles, shake out the tent pegs, do a little dance.

Unbuckle the straps and place them back in the tent bag. Pop in the smaller bags for the poles and pegs too, or you may just find yourself chasing them across the field in a sudden gust of wind… Not that we’ve experienced this or anything…

Take your bell tent and lay it out ground sheet down. Look around for the view you want to see first thing in the morning and rotate the tent so the door area is facing the direction you want. This is a very important step if you don’t want to spend your entire trip looking at a toilet block!

Pull the edges of the tent until the groundsheet is stretched into a neat circle. That’s this ⚫ shape, for any partners reading this – we know how confused they get, bless them!

Take the smooth tent pegs and push them into the loops around the base of the bell tent, these need to go into the ground at a 45-degree angle INWARDS.

Go around with the hammer and bump the tent pegs into the ground leaving a small ‘V’ sticking out for easy removal – I like to pretend this part is a game of whack-a-mole!

Assemble the center pole by laying it out and allowing the spring-loaded sections to snap together – it’s like magic! The accessory loop goes at the top end.

Open the tent door and walk in holding the pole near the top. Position it carefully into the center of the top of the bell tent.

Duck inside (quack) the tent and carefully lift the pole upwards, raising the roof. A little lift – push – lift – push – lift – push will achieve this with ease and avoids the tent feeling heavy. Do this until the pole is vertical, no one likes a wonky tent!

Assemble the A-frame by laying it out and allowing the spring-loaded sections to snap together – Oooh more magic! Remove the rain cap and place it in a safe place… If you’re anything like me, this may be the hardest part!

Take the A-frame into the tent and push the center towards the middle top of the door opening. Push the locator (the sticky outy bit for those of us who just went ‘huh?’) through the hole.

Position each side of the A-frame into the loops located on either side of the door… They’re on the floor.  Replace the rain cap onto the outside top of the locator – You remember the safe space, right? Right???

ZIP THE DOOR CLOSED! This is important so that you don’t end up attaching the guy wires too tightly, which can make the door too tight to zip and damage the tent. If you forget (like I did on the video!) adjust / loosen your guy lines carefully until the door zips work easily.

Take the rebar tent pegs and stretch out the first guy wire in line with its seam. Place the tent peg through the guy wire and push it into the ground at a 45 degree angle INWARDS. Go around the tent and repeat with all the guy wires.

Go around with the hammer and bump the tent peg into the ground leaving a small ‘V’ so the guy wire can still slide through it. It will also make removal easier.

Go around to each guy wire and hold it firmly where it attaches to the tent. Pull it gently but firmly towards its tent peg and tighten the runner. Once you have gone around and tightened each guy wire the tent will look much neater and firmer.

Your tent should look nice and taught and the door should open neatly and easily.

This is how you put up a bell tent! Now crack open the wine!


Vicki taking down a bell tent!

Use a tent peg remover ( to go around and pull out each guy wire tent peg.

There is no need to knot them or coil them because the guy wires on our bell tents are short and shouldn’t tangle.

Remove the rain cap off the A-frame and place in a safe place. With your car keys is a good one, that way they don’t end up in with the tent too!

Remove the A-frame from the tent, replace its rain cap and carefully fold it away.

Hold the center pole and lift it slightly. Guide the bottom of the pole out of the tent, the tent will collapse behind you.

Carefully fold the center pole away. Put the poles into their bag.

Leave the door open!

Using a tent peg remover, pull out the tent pegs around the base of the tent. Do not pull the tent pegs out using your tent, this is a guaranteed way to destroy it!

Pack the pegs away in their little bag and count how many you have, tent pegs have a habit of running away!

Throw all the guy wires onto your tent.

Fold the tent exactly in half so the patterned part isn’t showing. This will mean the dirty underside doesn’t touch the patterned side, keeping your tent nice and clean.

Fold the tent into thirds as per figure A.

Fold the tent end to end as per figure B.

Figure A
Figure B

Walk around on this or get your kids to roll along it towards the open end… the idea is to remove as much air as possible! You can also feel good because you got the kids involved, they’ll be camping pro’s in no time!

Starting at the folded end, roll your tent tightly.

Use the two straps to buckle it together then zip it neatly back into the bag with the poles, pegs, hammer and peg remover.

You did it! Now you can look forward to your next trip!… But, where did you put those car keys?


Some people chose to keep their poles & pegs separate so that the tent bag is much lighter to carry.

A tent footprint keeps your tent immaculately clean and prolongs its life. This is a second ground sheet that sits between your tent and the floor, saving the bottom of your tent from catching on sharp sticks and jagged stones… We strongly recommend you purchase a tent footprint!!


Get everything ready! Lay out and peg down your tent. Get both poles built and ready. Get each tent peg in about the right place. Then as soon as you’ve pushed the poles in you can be as quick as possible in going around and pegging your guy lines, preventing your tent from floating off to the land of Oz.

Some people double peg… I had to even triple peg once!!! – On Shell Island, my bell tent was one of the very few tents left standing. So, we went around the abandoned tents collecting any half decent pegs and just pegged the life out of it to try and survive the record winds!!


Take down your tent as per above to point 5. At this point do not remove pegs around the base… USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

If it looks like a big hot air balloon, leave it for a few minutes and it will normally deflate!

Take note of which way the wind is blowing and remove the tent pegs in that HALF. Now the wind will help you make your first fold!

Leave a peg in at each side where the fold is, remove the remainder of the pegs. Do your fold into thirds!

Remove the peg at one end and make your big fold in half… now, roll, roll, roll.

Then remove your final peg and get it strapped and in the bag.

Stay patient and just keep poking and stuffing your tent until it behaves how you want. The bag is a good size so if you fail, just stuff it in and deal with it another time!!

So there you have it! You have now found the most easy to put up tents!!