There is a reason that people in the UK are constantly talking about the weather… We love to moan and it’s notoriously cold and damp! Here we tell you all about keeping warm whilst camping.

Even in summer the evenings are chilly; so, if you want to enjoy your camping trip, you need to take the right stuff to stay warm.

Don’t forget to take a firepit if you’re allowed. It’s the best thing ever to get a nice fire on the go


Keeping warm whilst camping in the tent is not always easy. Have power? Take a fan heater and an electric blanket! Forget about good old-fashioned fun, embrace the future and enjoy camping in luxury. It’s lovely getting into an electric-blanket bed when it’s freezing cold.

If you don’t have power, hot water bottles are the way to go. Get a couple, one to hug and one to put by your feet. Placing them under the blankets before you go to bed will warm up the bedding!

Have a good quality sleeping bag or really good duvets! My favourites are the ones that feel soft and duvet like. The Outwell Snooze is lovely. The Pod Beast is also a very popular sleeping bag, they’re only available as singles but with plenty of space! There’s also some gorgeous patterned kid versions too.

 Check out our range of sleeping products to help with warmth:

‘One duvet below is worth 10 on top!’ – So, get a nice thick duvet underneath you too. Many people also find a silver blanket under their camp bed makes a huge difference to warmth too.

A bed raised off the floor is also warmer. If you can, get a camping bed, we love these from Decathlon: Quechua Camping Bed Base.

Take plenty of blankets. They are great for sitting out in the evening and give your tent a gorgeous cosy feel.

When it’s freezing – stay dressed and even sleep in a comfy winter hat.


One way of keeping warm whilst camping is clothing!! And there’s one important rule when it comes to staying warm – don’t get cold to begin with!

A good way to achieve this is to wear lots of clothes.

This sounds obvious, but you can layer your clothing efficiently so that you can stay warmer and still move!

It is so much harder to get warm than it is to stay warm and you DO NOT want to get undressed in the tent once the chill has set in, so start your layering early!!

Right after I’ve eaten tea, I get changed into my first layers.



Layer clothes in the order listed below and as it gets colder you can keep adding the top layers!



  • Thermal top*
  • Long sleeved thin stretchy top
  • Soft polo neck
  • Thick jumper – preferably knitted. Knitted jumpers keep in warmth!
  • Thick fleece jacket – preferably one of those with the fluff on the inside.
  • Bubble coat – a good one with big bubbles. In my opinion, this is the thing you should invest in if you can.

These are my favourite bubble coat’s – (I have also included their welfare standards as animal welfare is hugely important to me)

Rab Neutrino

(Ethically sourced RDS 800 FP Goose Down with Nikwax Hydrophobic finish. (212g Size M))

North Face Retro Nuptse

(700 Fill Goose Down, Certified To The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) By Control Union)

A USB heated body warmer! These are great and cheaply available off Amazon. Most work with a power pack in the pocket so you can have a few charged and ready to go. You can also get USB heated gloves too!!



  • Regular thin socks
  • Thick leggings with fluff inside – Primark sell these
  • Baggy jogging bottoms – these are great as they’re thick. It feels like putting a blanket over your legs when you put them on over leggings!
  • Thick knee length socks – get a nice big stretchy pair that will go over your thin socks and trousers. You can get heat holders too, which are great, although they don’t come as high up the leg as I’d like.
  • Then shove on a pair of Crocs and your thickest hat and you’re sorted!

In the height of summer, when it’s not as cold, I wear regular leggings rather than the fluffy ones. I ditch the thermal layer and the polo neck layer too, though I rarely use less than that as I’m a very cold person!



If your kids are anything like my little… *ahem*… angels, you can’t really choose what they’re going to wear. So keeping them warm whilst camping is a challenge! But rest assured!! It’s just a case of encouraging them to stay warm by having something exciting!

Fluffy onesies are the best thing I’ve found.

There are loads on Amazon. The children can choose one in the design they like the best and they’re usually super excited when it arrives. Your problem won’t be warmth now, it’ll be that they won’t want to take it off for the whole camping trip, day or night. By the end it that onesie will be the grossest thing ever!!!


If your child is small or compliant enough, layer them as follows:

  • Thin socks
  • Thermal layer – long sleeved top & trousers*
  • Stretchy thin layer – long sleeve / leggings
  • Short sleeved t-shirt
  • Woolly / knitted layer
  • Fluffy fleece layer
  • Waterproof / wind proof layer
  • Thick socks
  • Wellies

…Voila! Now they’re ready to walk out of the tent, fall flat into a puddle and need to get changed again. Yeayyy.

*The thermal layer is important – thermals work by wicking the layer of moisture off your skin. If the moisture stays on your skin, it evaporates and has a cooling effect… the thermal layer stops this.