Bellisima is taking away the stress of camping and helping your family get back to nature by creating patterned bell tents that are lightweight, durable and easy to erect. With lots of beautiful designs to choose from, you can effortlessly create an image of stylish individuality while you experience the great outdoors.


When you think camping, do you picture putting together a bulky, heavy tent? Is your blood pressure already rising? Last time it almost ended in divorce, right? Did you know that 99% of camping trips start with a fight and end in divorce? Did you know that almost all campers report a need for wine?

Ok, so we made these figures up, but they are probably… Maybe… Totally accurate.

Once the tent is actually erect, often a rather disappointing sight, you look around the muddy field you’ve set up in, to find yourself faced with lots of other sagging tents in beige or brown or khaki colours; all of them blocking the view you came to see.

You spend several days getting more and more soggy, until you pack up and go home, telling everyone how great it all was – positivity is important after all, and you can’t actually admit to Instagram how crap #familytime really was.

Here at Bellisima we are changing all of this!

Panama Bell Tent


Our tents are lightweight and so easy to put up that you could do it alone; or better yet get someone else to do it while you get started on that wine – although you won’t need it if you use a Bellisima tent, wine is always a great addition to any trip; we recommend a lovely red for camping because it doesn’t need to be cold… Not that we have tested this… Much.

Bellisima, saving marriages since 2021. There will be no arguments and no stress with our tent.


Bellisima Camping transform boring old tents into A WORK OF ART! We know that no two campers are alike, so we have plenty of bright colours and funky designs to choose from. Now your tent can be as unique as you and you can really impress on social media, making the whole internet jealous.

We can even suggest matching accessories, so every camping trip feels like glamping.


The tents look so beautiful that it will fill you with joy just looking at them, you’ll forget all about the scenery!

Spirit Bell Tent


The patter of rain against the colourful patterns will be music to your ears! The material is easy to dry, so you won’t even mind.

Great British weather? Bring it on.


Congratulations, you had an amazing camping adventure, everyone is feeling happy and refreshed and… It’s like a freaking Disney movie.

You feel so smug that you do one last Instagram Post… Just for memories sake.

Now, you have to put your tent away. Your mind flickers to last time, when the tent had somehow grown or the bag had shrunk, but there was no way it was going back in… Our tents come with generously sized bags, so this isn’t an issue and the polyester fabric dries quickly and efficiently, so you won’t end up with a mouldy tent either!


So, we knew that we needed to create something better than the average tent, capturing a boutique feel while your family gets back to nature… connecting with the wild heart, without being basic.

As avid campers ourselves, it was important for us to find a tent that we knew was as useful as it was pretty. We tried many maaany different designs, before settling on bell tents as the best of the best; they are easy to put up and have that boho style that every camper dreams of.

Marrakesh Bell Tent


As a lot of businesses explore outdoor spaces *cough cough* and move away from busy stuffy offices, there is a huge call for bell tents that offer protection from the elements, while also looking fantastic and making a statement.

Our bell tents are perfect for:

  • Business events
  • Glamping sites
  • Glamping individuals
  • Marketing events
  • Markets
  • Festivals
  • VIP areas
  • Fairs
  • Competitive campers

The potential is HUGE.

Where there is a will, there is a bell tent… And these are the very best on the market.


Our 5m polyester bell tent weighs just 22kg. It is super easy to put up and can be fully erect and ready in 10-20 minutes.

All Bellisima tents have:

  • A high door opening – the 5m has a 2m door height, because we all know bigger is better.
  • A mesh inner door to keep out any pests (bugs, not kids or partners)
  • Excellent quality zips, flooring & stitching.
  • Galvanised steel spring loaded centre pole and A-frame with two accessory / hanging loops at a convenient reachable height.
  • 4 zip open windows.
  • 6mm cord guy lines with branded aluminium triangle runners.
  • A set of solid smooth tent pegs for the tent base and chunky rebar tent pegs for guy lines
  • The bottom of each tent unzips to create a floating roof style tent, ooooh magic!

At Bellisima, all of our tents are treated with a 3000mm PU waterproof coating, meaning that no one is going home wet and soggy.

Tents are treated with Fire Retardant so you can feel safe.

Every tent is supplied with a wooden mallet, spares kit and a generously sized tent bag with matching pattern, so you won’t have that struggle at the end of your trip where the tent seems to have grown and the bag appears to have shrunk. I call witchcraft!

Enjoy camping with Bellisima Camping!