The Festival season may seem like a long while off, but now is the perfect time to get your gear together and get yourself a festival tent!

Bright, fun, colourful, exciting… these are the words that spring to mind when thinking of festivals.
So, why have a tiny, drab, boring tent, that ruins the whole Festival Feeling… when instead, you could have a Bellisima FESTIVAL TENT?!

A Bright and Bold patterned tent that stands out from the crowd!


Marrakesh – but be quick because these have almost sold out!

A red, yellow, orange and blue funky design with colourful, curved patterns

Click here to shop Marrakesh tent!

Bellisima – Leaf Print Tent
A dark and sexy nature concept with neon coloured tropical leaves

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Panthera – Leopard Print Tent
A beautiful pink and grey leopard print design

Click here to shop Panthera tent!

Spirit – Sunflower Tent
A lovely boho design with bull skulls, sunflowers & leaves against a beautiful watercolour background

Click here to shop Spirit tent!

Perfect for groups!
Bellisima Bell Tents sleep up to 8 people, so there is plenty of room for everyone. They’re bright and airy and always Instagram ready – the perfect space to get ready for festival fun. Later you can continue the party inside (especially if the good old British weather is trying to put a damper on things) knowing you’ll have a super cool, dry space to enjoy yourself.

Cost effective
It may be tempting to buy the cheapest tent and dump it after, but we’ve all seen the awful pictures of the hundreds of tents abandoned at festivals. It’s just so… wasteful!

Bellisima tents are so easy to take down there’s really no point leaving your tent behind!

And even if camping isn’t really your thing, it’s worth investing in a decent tent that you can use for festivals year after year.

Why not split the cost?
£350 split between 8 people is only £44 each!

So, put together and choose the perfect festival bell tent now for the coolest party tent there!
… AND it’s way easier to pitch than a pop up too!

At the end of the day
Everybody knows that packing up is always the very worst part of camping… not only are you exhausted and nursing a sore head after ahem overindulging, and suffering with a horrifically sore back from sleeping on the floor (although we can help with that: sleep mats), you’re now faced with the awful prospect of remembering how to actually put the tent back down, before stuffing it back into a bag that somehow seems to have shrunk overnight!

… But that’s where we’re different, because with a Bellisima tent, you simply remove the inner pole, pull out the pegs and roll the whole thing up into the matching and very roomy bag!
We can’t help with the hangover. BUT you will be ready to set off in minutes… your beautiful tent in tow, memories held in every seam!

Which festival will you be going to this year?